Up for breakfast

Come out, come out. Wherever you are.


This Joker art by Charles Holbert jr. is crazy good.

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Dave Johnson with Comrade Diana and Clark.

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2014 FIFA World Cup: Quarter-Finals

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1/? Films - The Parent Trap (1998)

"And I suppose you just expect me to go weak at the knees, and fall into your arms and cry hysterically…. And… and, you and I just picking up where we left off and growing old together… … C’mon Nick what do you expect? To live happily ever after?" 

Yes. To all of the above. Except you don’t have to cry hysterically.”

Oh, yes I do.”

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Peyton Sawyer + walls

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"Breakfast club, you were the priss." "Let me guess, you were the stoner?" "If you say so, they end up together.”

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